Innovative. Safe. Fun.

Safety is our number one priority at Funtopia and we’re proud to say that we’re home to one of the world’s most innovative and safest climbing arenas.

From our self belay system to our flooring, we’ve done everything we can to keep you safe and ensure a funbelievable time is had by all.

Safety Features

Expert Staff & Training

ll climbing sessions start with a 15-minute safety briefing where you will be fitted with a harness, shown how to operate the belay system and explained the key safety rules.

Our qualified staff will then join you in the arena to help you navigate the walls and provide encouragement where needed.

Innovative Climbing System

Our Self Belay is an innovative climbing connector, which increases safety by allowing users to climb only when they are properly attached to the device.

Our walls also feature a self-descending system, which brings you gently back to earth. No climbing buddy is needed!

One More Life Matting

Funtopia Naperville is also the only climbing system in the world to use One More Life matting, which covers the floor of the entire climbing arena.

This matting is designed to absorb falls up to 12 metres height and to save lives. Our walls are only lower than that!

Funtopia Safety Rules

Safety Rules and use of facilities at Funtopia center

 Before using the facilities in Funtopia you should familiarize yourself carefully with the rules that you need to follow strictly with regard to your safety:

I. General safety Rules

  1. Before entering the zones of Funtopia you should register. Registration can be done both via the website and on-site in the Funtopia center.
  2. Visitors to the center are required not to use amusement facilities (e.g. climbing walls, trampolines, etc.) if they have medical contraindications or if their state of health creates or increases the risk of trauma or Involvement in activities and activities offered at the center.
  3. A prerequisite for the use of facilities is to carry out 10 minutes of instruction, consisting of a training video on the safe use of the equipment and signing a declaration of informed consent with these rules. You can also get acquainted with the safety rules on the Funtopia website as well as on the on-site information boards. For persons under 18, an informed consent declaration must be signed by a parent/guardian or a person authorized by the parent/guardian to ensure that the person under 18 is familiar with the rules in Funtopia.
  4. Compliance with the safety regulations of the center and staff instructions at Funtopia is mandatory while you are on the center’s territory. The use of the facilities is associated with certain risks, including the risk of serious bodily injury (incl. breakage of limbs, bruises, abrasions, etc.) or fatal consequences due to slipping, tripping, falling from high, contact with the equipment. Non-compliance with the rules may increase the risk of these risks.
  5. Parents are obliged to acquaint their children with the safety rules in an appropriate and understandable way and ensure their compliance. Parents must ensure that their children comply with the safety rules, even though our team is monitoring the operation of the attractions.
  6. The use of the zones is voluntary and its own responsibility and facilities can be used independently by each client after held instruction and familiarization with these rules. The staff at the Center monitor the observance of the safety rules but do not observe each visitor individually.
  7. In case the parent or guardian harness the child, it still need to be double-checked by a mmber of our team.
  8. The maximum weight of the user of the Trampoline zone is 120 kg., the Ninja Course zone is 120 kg., while the minimum height is 120 cm and 150 kg is the maximum weight for the Climbing zones.
  9. The minimum age required to use the Funtopia Ninja Parkour and Cloud Climb areas is 3 years. The minimum age required to use the Funtopia Fun Walls, Trampolines, and Ninja Course areas is 4 years Children aged 4 and up to 6 are allowed in the Funtopia play areas only with an escort by a parent or guardian. Children between 4 and 6 years should be accompanied, and the center reserves the right not to allow children under 7 years of age to events where the safety of children may be compromised. The staff at the center monitor compliance with safety rules, but do not monitor individually every visitor.
  10. In order to use Trampolines, Ninja Course, Ninja Parkour, and Cloud Climb zones, you must have the appropriate sportswear and special socks (you can buy them at the reception desk in the center, as the socks are reusable). Be sure to remove all jewelry, watches, and other unattached items. Check and empty your pockets.
  11. On the territory of Funtopia is prohibited running and other abrupt actions that would endanger your own safety and that of other visitors in the center.
  12. Be careful with other visitors at Funtopia. If you notice any behavior threatening you and others, please contact our employee immediately.
  13. The entry into the Funtopia areas with chewing gum, food, drink, intoxicated or emotionally unstable, and under the influence of narcotic drugs is not allowed.
  14. Do not sit or lie in the fields of the play areas. If you need a rest, go outside the area and use the places dedicated to rest.
  15. We do not recommend using the facilities of Funtopia, if you are pregnant or have medical contraindications, you suffer from an acute or chronic illness that creates or increases the risk of injury.
  16. Be accountable for your personal belongings. The center is not responsible for lost or damaged ones.
  17. In case of non-observance of safety instructions, aggressive and indecent behavior, as well as inappropriate clothing, you will be asked to leave the area. The decision of the employee of the center is final.
  18. In case you are removed from the zone or you discontinue your visit, the entrance fees paid are non-refundable and the center does not owe any compensation for the paid and unused time.
  19. In connection with the specifics of the various attractions and activities associated with them, which we offer in Funtopia, besides the above basic rules of safe conduct, the rules specified in the following paragraphs are provided for each Attraction.

II. Safety rules in Climbing Area

  1. Children older than 4 years old are allowed in the areas of Funtopia kids. Children who are 4-6-year-old have to use the facilities necessarily accompanied by a parent or other supervised person.
  2. Parents and children older than 6 years can be present in Climbing areas without a guardian.
  3. The attractions are used only with special equipment (harnesses and helmet), which should be tightly and comfortably fastened on your waist and legs and head (if helmet is used).
  4. Replacement or removal of equipment (harness and helmet) is done only after the consent of the facilitator.
  5. The climbing walls are used with sports shoes – sneakers. It is not allowed to use flip-flops, sandals, and boots.
  6. It is advisable not to have a skirt, dress, or loose clothing while using the climbing walls.
  7. To use the slide, you need to take off your shoes and wear a special jumpsuit that will be provided by the facilitators.
  8. Electrical toys, sharp objects, and any other toys which are not safe shall not be permitted.
  9. Long hair should be tied/harvested.
  10. It is forbidden to move under the attraction currently in use.
  11. To descend from the attractions, grasp the rope with two hands in the silicon pad-coated part and repel the soles from the wall.
  12. In case of a problem with the child, it is necessary after a call from us to come to the center within 10 minutes. Parents are advised to be close to Funtopia Center
  13. The child is taken from the one who left it.

III. Safety rules in Trampolines and Ninja Course areas


  1. Wait your turn patiently. Only one participant per Trampoline field is allowed.
  2. Control your body all the time.
  3. Bend your knees to stop the bobbing.
  4. Always jump in the middle of the trampoline field.
  5. Don’t land on your head. Always land on both your feet.
  6. Do not jump to another Trampoline field.
  7. Do not jump or land on the mat between the Tramopline fields.
  8. Do not climb the safety net and railings.
  9. Making flips and other acrobatics is dangerous and can lead to serious injury.
  10. Flips are forbidden.

Ninja Course

  1. Maximum weight of the users of the Ninja Course Zone is 120 kg.
  2. The minimum height to use the Ninja Course Zone is 120 cm.
  3. Before proceeding with the obstacles, make sure that there is no other participant in the obstacle zone or beneath them, on the airbag.
  4. Wait your turn patiently on the platform. Only one participant per obstacle is allowed.
  5. Do not climb the railings.
  6. We recommend that if you wear glasses to secure them or remove them and leave them in a safe place before using the equipment.

Basketball Zone

  1. Don’t hang in the ring of the basketball hoop.
  2. Don’t jump to another Trampoline line. Stay on the line where you started.
  3. Flips/somersaults in the area and over safety backs (black enclosures around the trampoline fields) are prohibited.
  4. Don’t jump and dribble behind the basketball hoop.
  5. Wait your turn patiently. Only one participant per Trampoline bed is allowed.

IV. Safety Rules in Cloud Climb Area

  1. In Cloud Climb areas, children over 3 years of age are allowed to be accompanied by a parent or other supervised person.
  1. The attraction is used with safety socks (you can buy them at the reception in the center, as the socks are reusable). Must remove all jewelry, watches, and other unattached items. Check and empty your pockets.
  1. It is advisable to use Cloud Climb with confortable sports clothes.
  1. Long hair should be tied.
  1. Climbing over the net is forbidden. Don’t lean back and hold on to it.
  1. Running and jumping from platform to platform is forbidden.
  1. Only one platform participant is allowed.
  1. Before you play the slide, make sure there is no other participant enjoying it at the moment. Wait your turn patiently.
  1. It is forbidden to get on the slide on your belly or upside down.
  1. It’s forbidden to climb the slide.
  1. It is not permitted to enter the Cloud Climb with bubble gum, food, drink, or drunk, emotionally unstable condition and under the influence of narcotic drugs.
  1. Inform the Facilitator if you feel unwell, tired, and unable to complete your route.
  1. In case of non-compliance with the safety instructions, or aggressive and indecent behavior, you will be asked to leave the area. The decision of the facilitator of the center is final.