We say sports, education and fun can go hand in hand! If you are really invested in finding new ways of educating kids, of teaching them about the importance of working together then the posibilities are limitless. We have carefully deviced programmes for kids of all ages in order to show just how important combining education, sports and fun is. We develop the so-called edutainment method and are proud to say it is of great benefit to any group of children that have tried it. We like to show how a game can both teach and at the same time provide joy. We have invented various team-play activities that involve both sports and reinforcing knowledge that our great schools have taught our kids. With half the rides at Funtopia involving teamwork we are dedicated on teaching children how important it is to not only excel as an individual but also be able to communicate and operate in a group.

The great part about climbing is that is both a physical but also an intellectual sport. It takes careful planning, thinking ahead, conserving energy, and knowing your limits. We love that fact about it and have come up with many ways to emphasize on and work towards developing these qualities in our little visitors. Every ride in Funtopia is designed with both an entertainment and educational value in mind.

Our staff is experienced in taking care of and working with kids of all ages and are determined to really help kids improve their skills and knowledge.

If you are interested in a school visit for your students or kids, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask us all about the activities that we have in store for you!