A Giraffe, Tetris, Owls, The Castle, Climb the Façade, Dinosaur, Princess, Car race, Bat city are some of the easiest climbing elements requiring no physical skills. Appropriate for all ages as an easy and fun introduction to the climbing world.

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Different geometrical volumes serve as obstacles along your way to the top. Conquer the rectangles and bucket-like volumes and reach the top before your partner.


Train like a real soldier before a mission! Scale the tyres as fast as you can and reach the top before your partner.


Enjoy climbing similar to real rock climbing on granite. The Rocktopia Granite wall closely imitates original granite rocks and gives the option to climb not only using the holds, but the natural relief as well.


This element puts the climber in the shoes of a commando.Two ladders next to each other give the option not only to have fun climbing, but also to challenge your friends and beat them to the top. May the best commando win!


Any time you want to change regular climbing to extraordinary climbing you can jump on our interactive elements. They include climbing but require additional flexibility, speed, general knowledge, sharpness and other skills. Again all climbing elements are easy to climb and anybody can try them.


– These elements are specially designed for speed competition. Both walls have identical routes and holds, which imitate those used in official speed competitions. They are also equipped with Start and Finish buttons and speed timers for measuring the best results.


– This wall is a great balance technique challenge! The participants have to keep their balance while trying to reach the top in an environment full of rotating wheels.


– Can you escape the labyrinth? This wall represents a labyrinth with two possible exits at two different height levels. The participant has to move a special hold on the correct track from the beginning to one of the exits while climbing.


– The main goal for every climber is to reach the top, but here it is important also to extinguish the fire, so no one gets burned, just like a real fireman. There are extinguishing buttons on every story that climbers need to reach in order to complete the mission.


– This is a very good team building exercise as you have to team up and build the highest tower of crates possible. Two people are building the tower and one is handing them the boxes from the ground.



Channel the power of the volcano and guide the lava to the top.


Are you smart enough to reach the top? Climb the stairs on the wall and answer the questions in order to get there! You have a limited time before the stairs disappear.


Use your pirate skills to navigate through the lone island and find the treasure at the end of the trail but beware of monsters and dangerous animals hidden along the way. Gain points while searching for the gold.


Funtopia brings incredible experiences to you and your kids. These are one of the most attractive games on the playground our kids love. Now we can let them play in bigger scale.


This attraction is the best way to feel the gravity! The Slide has a motor handle that pulls the participant upwards until he / she reaches his / her fear limit. When they let go they fееl the thrill of freefall.


Did your kids ever wanted to be a giant bigger than everything walking on top of the buildings? Now they can walk on skyscrapers absolutely legal without being followed by policemen. The higher they get, the more frightening and unstable the skyscraper becomes!


Just like Jack you can climb the beanstalk using not only the climbing holds but also its many leafs until you reach the top and maybe get glimpse of a real giant.


The setting is a dark chimney where on all four walls there are fluorescent holds. Participants need to overcome their fear of heights and darkness and climb to the top. All holds are build into the surface of the walls.

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